Completions 2021


Paulo Coelho   The Alchemist


Hillary Allen   Out and Back
Tom Gauld   Baking With Kafka
    You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack
Pauline Harmange   I Hate Men
Elizabeth Lesser   Cassandra Speaks
Katherine May   Wintering
Bonnie Miller / Nicole Narvaez   Women Don't Poop
Sharon Stone   The Beauty of Living Twice
Sonya Renee Taylor   The Body Is Not An Apology
Meggan Watterson   Mary Magdalene Revealed


Tim Harford   The Data Detective


Sylvain Neuvel   The History of What Comes Next


Andrea Camilleri   The Cook of the Halcyon
Laurie R. King   The Murder of Mary Russell
Donna Leon   A Venetian Reckoning
    Acqua Alta
    The Death of Faith
    A Noble Radiance
    Fatal Remedies
T.A. Willberg   Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder