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War of the Maps
Paul McAuley

Uniform Justice
Donna Leon

Seeing Ghosts
Kat Chow



"Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence."
Lu Xun, The Epigrams of Lusin ( The Wisdon of China and India)

"People our age sometimes have the foolish notion that they must prove that they have not been brought low by time ... After living full and useful lives, they suddenly realize that the end of the road is only a little way ahead of them. They begin to fear that they are no longer relevant. That the world is moving on without them. They believe that there may yet be time for one more grand adventure, want to prove that they can still make a mark and win respect. But an important part of growing old is accepting without regret that all lives end in some kind of failure. We never do everything we hoped to do, or do what we have done as well as we would have liked."
Paul McAuley, War of the Maps

"...people busied themselves with habit and ritual to avoid thinking about the awful truth - that they were no more discarded toys in an abandoned house, and only those who accepted that their world and their lives were a cosmic joke and laughed at it and found new games to play could be truly free."
Paul McAuley, War of the Maps



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