Past Poisons Kate Ross was a trial lawyer with a prominent Boston law firm and the creator of a wonderful historical sleuth, Julian Kestrel. Her character was a Regency dandy irresistibly drawn to baffling cases in the colorful setting of mid-nineteenth-century Europe. He appeared in four novels, a, b, c and d.

When approached to contribute to this anthology, Kate chose to create a new female character, who she hoped would become the linchpin of a new series set a quarter of a century earlier. 'The Unkindest Cut' is the first story featuring Harriette Wilson, and she proves to be a particularly unusual and endearing heroine. Sadly it will also be the last Hattiette Wilson story.

Kate Ross dies of cancer at the age of only forty-one shortly after completing the story. She will be as sorely missed as Edith Pargeter.

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Today's best American and British authors are featured in this outstanding collection of original historical mysteries. The stories in Crime Through Time span thousands of years -- from Steven Saylor's ancient Rome to Anne Perry's Victorian England -- and feature an amazing variety of detectives -- from Peter Lovesey's Prince Albert to Maan Meyer's Charles Dickens to Laurie King's Mrs. Hudson, housekeeper to Sherlock Holmes and a star sleuth in her own right.

These twenty-one historical whodunits were written specifically for this volume and are appearing for the first time in print. Edited be bestselling authors Miriam Grace Monfredo and Sharan Newmon, this one-of-a-kind anthology will appeal to history buffs, mystery buffs, and anyone who loves a good story.

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