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Gene Wicker, Jr. gwicker@iwillfillow.com Mon Apr 1 22:18:23 EST 1996

Hello, Kate. This is Gene showing you how fans, friends and relatives can leave you brief snippets of appreciation. Hope you like it.

Jan Blakely aka the Divine Yvette jblakely@oltn.odl.state.ok.us Fri Jun 21 11:59:15 EDT 1996

Hi Kate,

Just wanted to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

I enjoy your books as well as your postings on DL. Hope you can lose that day job soon. I admire and respect the talents of those who can entertain me so well with the written word and I look forward to lots more from you. Keep up the good work and have the greatest of days today. Celebrate!

JAN aka the Divine Yvette ^ ^ 6 6 == v == -

Katrina Bowen kbowen@willowtree.com Fri Jul 12 21:25:26 EDT 1996

Just a quick note to say that Kate Ross has a new fan in Malaysia; I've been raving about your books to a friend of mine, and because they're kind of hard to find on that side of the globe, I just sent her my copies. (Don't worry ... I'm getting replacements. Will that help get you any closer to quitting your day job?) But having to wait until 1997 ... that'll be tough!

Debora Hosey debora@udel.edu Thu Jul 18 14:47:12 EDT 1996

I just finished reading the first Julian Kestrel mystery, CUT TO THE QUICK, and despite being bleary eyed for not sleeping last night--I was reading!!--I loved the novel! I bought it 2 years ago and put it away and forgot about it, and pulled it out early yesterday...after work, I'm going to Borders and buying ALL available titles. A great series, thank you, Ms. Ross! Keep them coming!

Diane Hendricksen ldhendri@ix.netcom.com Tue Jul 30 01:43:40 EDT 1996

I really enjoy the Julian Kestral books. I started reading them because I love mysteries and enjoy the historical setting. I am eagerly awaiting the next book - "The Devil in Music." I am afraid that I don't make enough to contribute so that Kate may quit her day job. However, if we help her books sell, she'll get larger advances, and perhaps will start getting enough that way...

Debbi wmhoutz@ionet.net Wed Aug 14 22:19:52 EDT 1996

I am working on putting together a calender for mystery fans and would like very much to put Kate's birthday on there. Year is not neccessary if she would rather we not know, but month & day would be fun!--thankyou-Debbi

Rebecca Eschliman 76072.2345@compuserve.com Mon Aug 26 20:05:09 EDT 1996

The Julian Kestrel series is one of the most engrossing historical mystery series to which it has been my pleasure to be introduced. The books in the series have gone to the top of the list of "recommends."

They were initially recommended to me by Mary Frost-Pierson, of Mysteries from the Yard (alas, defunct as of 08/25/96). Should you wish to thank her (or commiserate) her e-mail is msteries@aol.com.

Linda Wright llwright@gnat.net Sat Sep 14 11:57:24 EDT 1996

This former English major/teacher sends greetings and appreciation for Kate Ross, a wonderful addition to my personal short list of literate mystery writers. Maybe someday I'll venture into this enticing world of mystery writing, but until then . . . keep up the good work!

Little Spyntrian erato@mindspring.com Sat Sep 14 21:48:25 EDT 1996

Kate is a very very talented writer, but one with a past, much like Bulstrade in MiddleMarch. I regret that I must be the reprobate Raffles, but I have the goods on Kate, and I'm going to divulge the real Kate, the Kate who composed a song before she made it rich. "I've been painting my ..."

If Kate doesn't want the rest divulged, she must postmark one manuscript, preferably with a book jacket with a lot of $20 bills scotch taped, and send it to her brother.

Michelle Amlin cpearen@cyg.net Wed Oct 2 22:34:36 EDT 1996

Hi I am wondering whether I can get your/Katherine Ross' snail mail address (or an address for snail mail that will eventually make it into your/her hands)?

Thanks very much, Michelle Amlin cpearen@cyg.net