Thoughts 11-21

Debra Shaw Sun Oct 6 14:37:21 EDT 1996

Wonderful series, wonderful writing, keep up the good work!

Jennifer Brooks jzb@hawaiilawyer.com Sat Nov 16 00:05:31 EST 1996

I've greatly enjoyed all three novels. I'm impressed by the quality of the writing, of course, but even more so that any litigator can find the time to write novels on the side! OK, so a couple of others may have done so, but none with such delectable results.

Matthew R. Meehan Fri Dec 6 01:47:37 EST 1996

I wish there was a revealing photograph of you., not naked but alluring???

L. A. Silberman LASilb@aol.com Mon Dec 30 23:35:01 EST 1996

Dear Ms. Ross:

I cannot remember when I have ever taken such an immediate liking to a character or an author. I each (gasp) buy you in hard back. (Really!) So I am glad to hear that your next book is delayed, because I am currently embarrased for funds.


L. A. Silberman

p.s. For your next book tour please consider "The Poisoned Pen", in Scottsdale, AZ.

p.p.s. I have just had my first short story accepted for publication on a web site. It's a start.

Maureen K. Conaty whreenie@aol.com Thu Jan 30 22:26:12 EST 1997

Katherine Sparks led a lively discussion on historical mysteries this last Sunday, Superbowl Day, in Milwaukee. Our Cloak and Clue Mystery Readers Group all enjoyed your books and are among those awaiting 4. Will fall ever come !

We appreciate your diligent research and apparent endless energy to write and work full time.

Hope you enjoy your next trip to England and find lots of detail to include in book 5 !

Trippi Rudd trippir@cyberg8t.com Sat Feb 1 02:56:10 EST 1997

Trippi Rudd Lark Ellen Elementary School Room 5 4555 N. Lark Ellen Ave. Covina CA, 91722

January 31, 1997

Dear Kate Ross,

My school is having an auction on March 4th to raise money to fix our sound system, lights, and stage so our parents can see and hear us better at our performances.

We are writing famous actors, musicians, politicians, atheletes and authors to ask for a signed 8 X 10 photograph or any other piece of memorabilia they may want to send.

Would you please donate to us a signed photograph, book, or any other memorabilia that you think might help our school. I would really appreciate it.


Trippi Rudd

Josephine CRowanB@aol.com Mon Feb 17 19:08:55 EST 1997

Well, I have a tendency to be long-winded, so I will try hard to not be so wordy...Since I work as a page in a library, I dicovered "Cut to the Quick" one day, while shelving. Being a fan of historical mysteries, I decided to take it home. Since then, whenever I found a Julian Kestrel mystery, I dropped everything, and finished it in one day. I am eagerly awaiting her next novel. If she ever reads this, I'd like to tell her that she's a simply "marvy" writer! Please do keep up your wonderful writing! I am the proud owner of all 3 novels, so I've done my part and eagerly await the next! ;)Julian Kestrel isn't bad himself!

Jennifer A. Dickinson jdickins@mindspring.com Tue Feb 25 13:11:28 EST 1997

Hi! Ms. Ross-

I am currently doing some research into the popularity of historical mysteries for a graduate program in professional writing and would enjoy having an electronic conversation with you if you have a chance. I enjoy your Julian Kestrel books and have lots of questions. Please contact me if you ever have a free moment.

Thanks! Jennifer Dickinson

Diane Hendricksen ldhendri@ix.netcom.com Fri Feb 28 21:29:12 EST 1997


Sorry to hear that the publication date was delayed. I will just have to reread the first three to satisfy my craving for a Julian Kestral novel. I may see you at Bouchercon 97 -- if I am lucky.

I will pick up a copy of Crime Through Time, too, so that I may read your short story.

I am a very avid fan and a great supporter. Keep up the good work. I will buy the next book (in hardback as I have the first three) so that you may make a lot of money, retire from your day job, and write many, many Julian Kestral books!

Diane Hendrickse

L. L. Varn llv@sandw.com Wed Apr 30 06:47:12 EDT 1997

Great site. Great author.