Thoughts 61-70

April Lee april@nwcomputing.com Tue Mar 17 17:03:23 EST 1998

I heard the horrible news yesterday, via the Georgette Heyer List... I didn't know Kate beyond her wonderful books and vivid characters, and beyond the few e-mails she was so kind to send, but I feel just terrible, as if I had lost a dear friend. I didn't know she was ill. She's my age... It's just such a shock.

My deepest sympathies to her family and friends. This is such a great loss.

Kay de Wit kdewit@igate.sprint.com Wed Mar 18 20:54:30 EST 1998

So very sorry....

Marie MDNTRS@aol.com Wed Mar 18 22:04:48 EST 1998

Scarlett, I am Marie, a niece to Rick, Jim's daughter. I can barely remember who you are due to being so young when we met at Uncle Rick's wedding. I've looked at old pictures and always wondered who the pretty lady with the long dark wavy hair was and was always told it was "Scarlett". I had often hoped I'd get to meet you some day again so I'd get a better knowledge of you. You were talked so highly of by family members of mine that knew you. I'm sorry I was never able to do any of that and I'll miss you and the chance we could have gotten to become friends. You're in my prayers and thoughts. Also, now that I've found out about your books, I'll be pouring into them soon, being a huge fan of reading and reading murder mysteries set in the past. Scarlett, wherever you are, rest peacefully. We miss you dearly.

Love and hugs, Marie

Nora Mulkeen Rosetows@aol.com Thu Apr 9 20:53:42 EDT 1998

I think that the world has lost a beauty whose words cannot be recaptured. The promise of Kate is something that surpassed Julian and Dipper. This lady had a way with words and with people. I shall try to be grateful for her four wonderful books and not be greedy for more. But still, I am left to wonder why..., which may be Kate's greatest legacy. I wish for gentle thoughts to comfort her loved ones. She was a giant, yet to be realized.

Karen Richgruber krichgruber@duluth.lib.mn.us Fri Jun 19 13:30:06 EDT 1998

Please accept my deepest condolences on the death of Kate Ross. I was fortunate to have met her at Bouchercon27 in St. Paul. I read and very much enjoyed all of her books. She was a brilliant person and will be missed.

Steven C. Ballinger steve@pupress.princeton.edu Tue Jun 30 21:11:09 EDT 1998

I just learned of the death of Kate Ross from a Borders events manager from the Boston area. I was and am deeply saddened by her passing. I found "Cut ot the Quick" by chance one day on the book review shelf of "Bloomsbury Review". I read it, loved it, and now kick myself for never getting around to writing a review of it. I've read the other three. I was worried in "The Devil in Music" that she was trying to pack in too much but I guess that Kate knew somehow that it just might be her last book. I always felt myself casting the movie of her book as the characters took on visual shape. I am proud that I was able to get some of my colleagues in publishing to read her. I was standing in line at a Borders store in Chicago describing her books as "the world of Jane Austen meets Dashell Hamment" and a woman with an accent said that sounded great and what book was it that I was describing. I ran back and got her a copy off the shelf and she bought it. It turns out the woman was from Zagreb Croatia. Thank you very much for the interview with Kate on this site. Best Wishes.


Steven C. Ballinger

Josephine AsphaltLdy@aol.com Fri Jul 10 23:46:06 EDT 1998

Kate Ross's death came as a shock to me today, more than four months later. I certainly did not expect such sad news to confront me at the local bookstore. I'll never forget the sheer excitement and joy I felt when I finished her first novel...and when she replied by e-mail to the comments that I had posted on her webpage. Her writing moved me and intrigued me. I awaited Julian Kestrel's adventures voraciously. Kate Ross also made me believe that a professional career didn't have to kill one's imagination...she made that perfectly clear through her work. She will be sadly missed...it is with a very heavy heart that I acknowledge her writing here for what will be the last time. My belated condolences to all who were touched by her and her writing. She was a wonderful woman and author...may she and Julian Kestrel live on in the hearts of their audience forever.

Debe Tighe DebeT@aol.com Thu Jul 23 15:34:11 EDT 1998

I was stunned and crushed to learn of Kate Ross's death. Having discovered her incredible talent, I was anticipating many years of enjoyment reading Julian Kestrel mysteries and learning more about the author herself.

I did not know Ms. Ross, but I felt compelled to share my deepest sympathies and to say that she will be truly missed.

Karen Palmer mannixdr@aol.com Fri Aug 7 20:43:59 EDT 1998

I eagerly bought the paperback release of "The Devil in Music" only to be saddened by the note of Ms Moss's death.

I found this page after searching for some news concerning her. Thank you for linking to the Globe obit.

I am now reading her last book as slowly as possible.

It is amazing to me to feel such a sense of loss concening an author I have been reading for less than a year. How much more difficult it must be for you and other long term fans.

Thanks again for providing this page.


Farzad Sharafi Wed Sep 2 17:55:40 EDT 1998

I doubt I shall ever find another mystry writter as charming, witty, and intelligent as Kate Ross.