Thoughts 71-80

Keri Lipperini Klipperini@atlas.niaid.nih.gov Sat Sep 26 18:57:18 EDT 1998

What time frame did she write?

[Kate wrote during the Regency Period, roughly 1810 to 1820 -- Gene]

Robyn Ross Sat Oct 3 21:37:21 EDT 1998

I was so excited to find a new/old time author and was looking forward to prolific work I could enjoy for years. One week after my first Ross novel, I learned of her death, a feews prior to my last birthday, in fact. We had a lot in common, I have learned. I am sick with grief. I am an extraordinary collector of detective novels published prior to 1940. I am 39 and went to Chatham, not Wellsely, and have an MBA from Northwestern.

I almost feel motivated to try to carry on her work . . . very odd-1st time sensation with an author. Somehow we connected and even have the same last name! Weird. Feel free to correspond.

marcie paulml@sncac.snc.edu Fri Nov 6 11:33:25 EST 1998

Hi, I only discovered the Julian Kestrel novels recently - fell in love with them, and was devastated to hear that Kate Ross had recently died. I would like any information possible about Ross -her life, death, the book she was working on when she died. Thanks! MP

Mrs. Scouten scouten@XRT.upenn.edu Wed Nov 18 09:36:58 EST 1998

I very much enjoyed reading two books written by Kate Ross and wonder what happened to her. I am very sad to learn of her death.

S. Zullinger szullinger@wilson.edu Fri Dec 4 15:45:09 EST 1998

When I stumbled onto Kate Ross's home page by accident last night, I was shocked and saddened by the news of her death. I work at a library, and my boss and I have liked the Julian Kestral series immensely. I was so looking forward to reading the next one, until I read the news of her death. She was a wonderful writer. She will be missed.

joy ware jlware@hsc.vcu.edu Sun Dec 20 09:53:33 EST 1998

Like everyone else, I am still trying to reconcile the recent discovery of Kate Ross's great talent and her recent death. I was also struck by the comment in this series by Robyn Ross, that she felt compelled to somehow "carry on" her [kate ross] work. To me it seems that one way to honor her memory might be a compilation of short mystery stories written by friends and fans who feel so inclined. If this strikes anyone as an interesting possibility, please respond to me by email. Those who are not into writing mysteries might consider an essay or other piece dealing with that historical period, a poem using one of her characters as a basis, etc. It's an off the wall idea I admit, but if you are interested, please contact me by email.

Mary Bogen zelab@aol.com Wed Dec 30 21:17:26 EST 1998

I just finished reading the book series and enjoyed the writing so much. I was very sad to read that Kate Ross had died.

What happened?

I wish I had more of Ms. Ross's writing to enjoy.


N.S. Tue Jan 5 15:38:58 EST 1999

I just finished the four Kestrel books we have here in the Sonoma County Library, and was looking forward to more.I am so sorry to hear of Ms. Ross' passing. Her readers will miss her.

Maryellen Approvato Mapprova@raritanval.rvcc.edu Thu Feb 4 13:06:56 EST 1999

I am very saddened to learn of the death of Kate Ross. Her books were wonderful. After reading "The Devil In Music" (my favorite) I felt moved to send her an email via this website. Just today I was wondering if she had written another book, and decided to check out this website again. It made me feel so sad to see she had passed away (and only three days after I wrote my email to her last year). However, I am deeply impressed with her talent, and all that she managed to accomplish in a short, but highly productive life. I shall re-read her books again. They are a permanent testimony to her talent. I wish for blessings to Kate Ross, her family and friends, and all of the fans who cared so much about her.