Thoughts 81-90

Leslie McEwan lmcewan@ids-plastics.com Sun Apr 4 23:10:20 EDT 1999

I found this website hoping for news of a new Kate Ross/Julian Kestrel book in the works. I am so very sorry to hear of her untimely death. I thought that The Devil in Music was incredible and truly looked forward to a long relationship with her work and characters. I am very saddened by her untimely death, but would like to thank Kate for sharing her gift with all of us, however briefly. Sincerely, Leslie McEwan

Sylvia Baber Smbaber@hotmail.com Tue Jul 27 15:53:10 EDT 1999

To Whom it May Concern;

I picked up Kate Ross' novel, Whom the Gods Love, by chance at the library last week, without having heard of her previously, and I devoured the book within three days. Yesterday I bought another Julian Kestrel mystery, A Broken Vessel, at the bookstore. I find Kate Ross' writing so witty, inventive, and touching that I couldn't help but get my hands on another one. Then today, I visited this website and heard that she had died, and I feel that I have lost a friend even though I have only known her a week. I think she must have been a marvelous woman for having such a talent for writing and law at the same time. I just wanted to say that because of her talent she has brought joy to me through her writing, and to countless others elsewhere. Thank you, Kate.

Sincerely, Sylvia Marshall Baber

Amy Jennaro ajennaro@gladstone.uoregon.edu Tue Aug 17 18:12:30 EDT 1999

I was fortunate enough to discover Kate's writing last summer. Little did I know at the time that she had passed away as I anxiously awaited new Julian Kestrel mysteries. I have enjoyed all four of them and am sad that I won't be presented with any more of Julian's adventures. I greatly enjoyed Kate's novels and am happy that I was acquainted with one of the finest mysteries writers I have ever read.

Jennifer Czwodzinski belle0903@aol.com Wed Aug 25 17:47:47 EDT 1999

My husband bought "The Devil In Music" for me as a gift soon after it was published, and I discovered the first contemporary mystery writer I enjoyed as much as Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers. I immediately went and bought all of her other novels and loved them.

I only learned of her passing today. Although I didn't know her personally, I feel as though I've lost two friends, Kate and Julian. My deepest sympathy to her family and friends.

I believe "we are not as footprints in the sand, for having walked here once, we remain always," Kate Ross touched many lives in her short time here, and the work she left behind will continue to give pleasure to generations to come.

Debbie Cusick dcusick@prodigy.net Thu Sep 30 14:48:05 EDT 1999

I have not read these books yet but came across them when searching in amazon.com and decided I would have to try them. I am heartbroken to learn of the death of the author, though. That is a tragedy for any young woman and her family, but it is a terrible tragedy for her fans as well. It makes me hesitant to read the books, because I will be sad there will be no more. I'm sorry I read other people's comments though, because one of them gave away something that I presume was supposed to be one of the main mysteries of the plot. How can people do that? Don't they know how much it spoils it for other people?

nicky nickloon@singnet.com.sg Fri Nov 5 03:09:01 EST 1999

I've just finished "Whom the Gods love" which i finished reading at one go and decided to check the net for any information about the author.I am very sorry that she had passed away. It is definitely a great loss to the literary world and to us who are enchanted by her books.

Zoya Romanof Fri Nov 5 19:59:15 EST 1999

I believe that, although the story is exceptionaly well written and the author has put a great deal of effort in using the right words and making the text interesting, the story,Devil in music, is extremely boring and empty of any new idea. I believe that the ending of the story is absoluteley predictable and obvious, therefore there is no motivation for reading through the whole story.

William Falocco williams-art@libero.it Wed Nov 17 12:01:07 EST 1999

Rispondetemi, per favore...

Spero di aver frainteso la lettura di quanto scritto nel sito. Poiché da quanto ho capito Miss Katherine Ross è morta e la cosa mi rattrista molto.

Qui in Italia sfortunatamente hanno pubblicato solo 2 suoi libri e da un anno sono in cerca de "Il vaso infranto"... pensavo di trovar miglior fortuna cercando direttamente sul sito personale, magari facendomelo inviare direttamente dagli USA (in italiano), non avrei mai immaginato di leggere una cosa simile.

Non so che dire, davvero, spero solo di aver tradotto male...

Distinti saluti.

William Falocco

Barbara Baer babaer@ccnet.com Mon Dec 13 19:18:42 EST 1999

I have been so sad since hearing about Kate Ross' death - tried to find something on the Web about her, but only today came across this site by accident. I wanted to add my condolences and commiserate with those other fans who, like myself, fell madly in love with her work. I found Cut to the Quick on the remainder pile at Barnes & Noble, and have been a worshipper ever since. Not many writers have pulled off the seamless combination of a modernized sensibility along with such accurate historical detailing. I too have read her four books with major delight, and was profoundly saddened to realize that Ms. Ross had died so early. Her work was exemplary, and is a standard very few writers of this genre ever attain. Blessings to you Kate, from the other side. I know you know how much we valued you! Sincerely, a fan

Kavita Mudan masked_one@hotmail.com Wed Mar 22 14:02:31 EST 2000

I found "The Devil in Music" at my local library entirely by accident, and found the back cover intriguing. Realising it was part of a series, I promptly picked up the other three and found I could not put them down. I only found out a few days ago that Kate Ross was dead...shattering. After reading "Devil" I just wanted more, but nobody can truly write the way she did. She revived my fascination with the Regency time period and I'm simply glad that I had the chance to read her books. She will not be forgotten.