Thoughts 91-100

Shelley Rocker littlenono_hb@yahoo.com Fri Apr 28 17:55:33 EDT 2000

I simply wanted to write so that I could express my love for Kate Ross's novels and my awe of her genius. Her books are a perfect balance between intricate mystery and heart-pounding intrigue. When I finished reading all the books that I could find in my local library, I looked her up on the Internet and learned that she had died. My sympathy goes out to her family. The literary world has lost a bright gem, but her books will always be remembered by her fans. If anyone has any additional information about her or her work, please e-mail me.

Lorraine Desruisseaux LadAad@aol.com Sun May 28 13:48:37 EDT 2000

I recently discovered Ross"s books..and fell in love with Kestrel...Then I read she died and I really delt sorr. I tried to find out more and discovered your site ..Thank you for a beautiful tribute to a fine author!To read her thoughts is so much better than to read a dull obit..Thanks again

Sarah Kreager ultmtegoddess@hotmail.com Tue Jul 18 21:44:08 EDT 2000

I love Kate Ross's amazing, creative writing style and will sorely miss her intriguing mysteries. I discovered her and have now lost her. I believe the literary world has lost a true author, of style and flair. I only regret she was not able to keep the life of Julian Kestrel going a little longer, he was my favorite.

Marjorie McLaughlin marjoriem@home.com Sat Jul 22 16:11:11 EDT 2000

Kate Ross has to be counted among the best writers of the mystery genre and my husband and I wept when we heard of her death. I have read and re-read her books just to savor the quality of her use of language.

We have hardcover editions of each of her books except "A Broken Vessel". I have had a very difficult time finding one and would be thrilled if anyone could tell me of a source for out of print editions such as this. We have a copy of the paperback edition that is still readily available, but we do enjoy having hardcover and first editions.

Many thanks, Marjorie McLaughlin San Diego, CA

Mimi Hostetter mimih@ziplink.net Mon Jul 24 16:42:04 EDT 2000

I am so excited to discover this web-site. I have read and re-read all of Kate Ross's books and love them. The Devil in Music was the masterpiece. I, too, miss her although I did not know her, because I know there won't be another Julian. I was glad to learn about the Crime through Time which I have ordered. So for me there is still one more wonderful story to read. Thanks for the web-site.

Julie JGleason2@aol.com Thu Aug 10 13:47:45 EDT 2000

I have justed finished the last Julian Kestrel mystery and am saddened by the loss of such a fine writer. I am so glad that you have this forum for me to express my appreciation. Part of me hopes that some author would make Julian Kestrel their own, so that I can pursue the life of such a fine sleuth (will he ever marry Philippa?), but I don't imagine they would ever measure up to Ms. Ross' vision. I can only thank her posthumously for such excellent entertainment. Sincerely, Julie Gleason

Brandi Lainhart Bdeann007@NCRR.COM Sat Oct 7 16:01:04 EDT 2000

I am so sad I did not know Kate had passed away. I only found out today. We mystery readers have lost a great one.

Melinda Mattingly mattinglym@boulder.lib.co.us Mon Oct 9 22:20:29 EDT 2000

I wish someone could continue the character. These mysteries are crafted so beautifully. and what about a movie? The plot of The Devil in Music is much more interesting than Crying Game. I hate to lose this character.

annette asause@talkcity.com Thu Dec 14 14:21:18 EST 2000

i might be interested in doing a report about this woman . could you tell me when she was born and more details about her life?

jb jojobrn@yahoo.com Thu Jan 18 00:17:35 EST 2001

Man, that was a sick feeling to read Kate Ross died. I happened on her books at the library. I check sometimes to see whats new and now the news of her death. I too have cancer and have been on chemo for nearly 4 years. Her books gave me respite from the "real" world. Such a lovely lady.