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sean ss@hotmail.com Sat Mar 10 02:56:01 EST 2001

Kate Ross was the only female writer I collected. I bought her first book when it came out and got her to autograph if for me. Luckily I did the same with the next two. When The Devil In Music came out I knew she had finally hit it big and was going to be a giant. I couldn't wait for the next book. I was in the Poison Pen last year and asked if she had a new book yet. I was told she had died. What a loss, not only was she talented but beautiful as well. What a loss.

Gina GGinItaly@aol.com Mon Jun 4 16:45:37 EDT 2001

I have devoured all of the Julian Kestral novels, save The Devil in Music. I am afraid to finish it, as I know it is the last. It truly does make my heart sad as there are so many unanswered questions I have. May god rest Kate soul for she has brought so much joy unto mine.

Katherine Woodbury kwoodbury@stroudwaternhg.com Tue Oct 2 13:47:48 EDT 2001

I recently discovered the Julian Kestrel books and was entertained and impressed. I noted that the last book at my library was a couple of years old and thought/hoped it was only because the library hadn't yet bought any newer ones. I decided to do some research on my own and was saddened to learn of Kate Ross' death in 1998. I debated sending an e-mail to this site--my sympathy seems a bit dated--but decided it was an appropriate place to express my appreciation for her works. Her books are a wonderful legacy to mystery/historical-fiction readers.

Maria Pawlus mariapawlus@home.com Mon Oct 22 19:58:30 EDT 2001

I vividly remember the intense wave of grief and disbelief that flooded me as I read of Kate's death in the summer of '98. And the inconsequential thoughts intruding into my thoughts. The useless regrets; I had so wanted to write to Kate to tell her how much I loved her books. For I, in common with so many other appreciative readers, felt as though we were such good friends! I would find myself smiling as bits of dialogues, observations and wonderfully constructed scenes were played out in my mind's eye. How eagerly I awaited each successive book, and then wondering what was delaying the 5th book. And then the reality of the inequities in life; brilliantly gifted Kate was gone. I never wrote to tell her that her books were the only hard cover 'modern' fiction that I had ever purchased ( and I began devouring books at age 4 ). Though she did not know me, I weep for her and those who loved her.

Mark Bass mbass33366@aol.com Thu Feb 7 16:32:51 EST 2002

I recently discovered Kate Ross and her Julian Kestrel novels. The thought that this wonderful author and the characters she created are no more is unspeakably sad.

Ron Rosenberg mexigringo@hotmail.com Sun Apr 7 13:36:47 EDT 2002

Kate was my first cousin, an incredibly sweet and thoughtful person. We lost 3 of the best and the brightest in our family, 3 women, to cancer-related illnesses before the age of 50.

It's nice to see this tribute to Kate. Thank you.

Ronald E. Rosenberg Tucson, AZ.

Patricia Kavanagh mspickwick913@aol.com Wed Apr 24 23:41:19 EDT 2002

I recently purchased a copy of The Devil in Music and cannot put it down. It has everything going for it - dialogue, detail, plot, character... I then read that Ms. Ross died four years ago and I felt such a pang - what a wonderful writer and how young she was. I will read and reread her books and pass the word to my friends. Thank you for this superb site for Ross fans.